Valley of Thracian Kings
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Valley of Thracian Kings

There is a place in Bulgaria, which uniquely combines the ability to touch authentic and unique tradition of rose-growing and picking – glorified our country around the world, in line with the chance to explore one of the most ancient cultures – that of the Thracians. This is Valley of Tracian Kings, which can be compared only with the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, the allusion is quite natural. After revelations of the archaeologist Georgi Kitov site gains popularity and as the Valley of the Kings, because it is in this place were buried rulers and senior representatives of their aristocracy. It is assumed that on its territory are more than 1,500 tombs, of which so far have uncovered about 300, giving invaluable information on lifestyle and polity Thracians. Objects of cultural and historical significance that are of interest to tourists are located in the municipalities of Kazanlak, Karlovo, Pavel Banya, Sopot and Muglizh. Thanks to the “Valley of Roses and Thracian Kings” finance an OPRD and the state budget of Bulgaria, they have the opportunity to present its rich natural, historical and cultural heritage.

In the cultural calendar of the municipality of Kazanlak is a special holiday in the Valley of the Kings, which recreates the ancient heritage in contemporary artistic forms. The official opening of the holiday season is on August 28 from 20.30. Square Seuthopolis and attractive event – eco-road “In the footsteps of the Thracians” is on August 29 at 10.30 pm. In the village Buzovgrad. This is a march to the Thracian megalith “door Goddess “in which tourists and visitors can observe and participate in the Thracian rituals. Perhaps the main factor that may influence the decision of the tourist on which route to take is the time which is available. This is because the municipalities there are many sites that attract visitors with considerable interest the Thracian cultural, historical and archaeological heritage. The project developed by different places to visit itineraries entitled “Thracian heritage – Valley of the Thracian Kings” by guests wishing to experience the genuine spirit of these places can stay in authentic rural houses or hotels.

Relatively short, but offers a wide variety of interesting places to visit is the three-day itinerary for general familiarization with the Thracian historical and cultural heritage. The historical museum in the town. Klisura, the Thracian town center with a royal residence near. Vasil Levski, Karlovo, Muglish and tombs located north of Kazanlak, are just some of the stops on this route. It is imperative that the visit of the Thracian Tomb of Seuthes III in mound “Kosmatka.” The mound is a bulk as a sacred hill in the first half of V century BC. The temple is used more than a century to perform religious ceremonies (so Orphic mysteries) of the Thracians. At the beginning of the III century BC. in the central chamber is performed ritual burial of a Thracian aristocrat, who is supposed to be the ruler of Odrysian state Sevt III. So the building changes its function, turning in his tomb. Will be skipped and not be visited Kazanlak Thracian tomb – the first Bulgarian monuments included in the World List of the UNESCO. It is currently open to tourists made a copy of the tomb, since the original is available to visit only with scientific purposes. Everyone can see exhibits of the historical museum “Iskra” in Kazanlak. Founded in 1901 by Peter Topuzov patriotic Kazanlak, he is among the oldest, richest and most famous regional museums in Bulgaria and stores over 50 000 original exhibits. Departure tourists can visit one of the oldest astronomical observatories – the megalith complex “Gate of the Sun”, which is located near the Buzovgrad.

Those who want to learn more about the lifestyle of the ancient Thracians, to drive their country and to learn about their archaeological heritage can choose specialized thematic route. To be as full this time travel, tourists well be accompanied by a lecturer with high scientific expertise on the topic, and to make request to visit those sites of interest that have a low degree of socialization. Besides the sites included in the previous route, here tourists can visit the cult complex Ostrusha, Thracian tomb Kran, Temple Mound “Griffins” Temple Mound “Much Arsenalka “masonry grave mound” saint. ” After a talk at historical museum “Iskra” in Kazanlak, the trip ends with a walk to the megalithic complex “Gate of the Sun”. Regardless of the choice of route, Valley of the Kings fascinates tourists with its beauty, dignity and authenticity, and its hospitable hosts are ready to welcome you always with a smile.

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