Montecatini Terme spa in Tuscany
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Montecatini Terme spa in Tuscany

Besides picturesque vineyards, renowned worldwide wines and incredibly delicious food, Tuscany owes its fame and its numerous mineral springs. Montecatini Terme spa in Tuscany is one of the top travel tours, which you can visit and enjoy during your holiday. The most famous and largest among them are those in the town of Montecatini Terme, where Puccini and Verdi themselves came to rest in the past and today – visitors from around the world. The presence of hot water from the bowels of the earth is still encoded in the name of the city – “Thermal” means “ancient baths”. Combine spa with all the other delights of Tuscany, to see the Italian region in its full splendor.

Montecatini Terme is located about 50 km from Florence and that of Pisa, which means that you are negligible distance from some of the greatest cultural treasures of Italy. The mineral water has benefited from the time of ancient Romans – in fact the water was the cause for the city. Today people come here to be treated by a sick stomach or liver, as well as completely healthy visitors who want to enjoy spa treatments in the splendor of Montecatini Terme. The first spas were built in the 18th century by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold, son of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. They were “Tetucho”, “Regina” and “Leopoldina” and made Montecatini Terme famous all over Europe. “Tetucho” and today is the most popular spa in town – located on Main Street, where the town hall and the tourist information center.

There are many other, more recently built spas everywhere, apply the most advanced treatments for health and beauty. Visit the upper town, Montecatini Alto as boarding the lift and enjoy the wonderful view from above. To Lucca, Pisa and Florence can be reached by train, but if you want to visit the quiet medieval towns and villas on the outskirts of Montecatini Terme, you will need to rent a car. Nearby is the cave Monsummano – it has rooms with hot mineral water and the cave Justy than outdoor thermal pool, there are hiking trails and various spa treatments.

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