Magical Maldives - Your Travel Destination
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Magical Maldives – Your Travel Destination

Hey Wanderlusters, How’s life been? In India its Monsoons right now, although I am not a great fan of rains, I am surviving, and learning to appreciate the beauty of drenched trees, and the smell of a soaked soil. Let the season be any, but I know we all are planning our vacations already for the year end. I am going to tell you exactly what your destination is, Maldives.

Pristine waters, gorgeous White Sand Beaches, extensive reefs, blue lagoons and endless walks along with, can you guess already?

Magical Maldives

Yes, this exactly where you should be this year. Aren’t you convinced already?

Let me make that easy for you to make it obvious. I can’t stop rambling about Maldives after our little trip of 4 days.

Me and my husband, love to travel together and it was that time of year.

Destination Type: Luxury

Yes, it was a dream for two of us to go to Maldives, it’s the paradise on Earth.

Oh, well we weren’t married then when took this trip but were dating each other. We both are independent and love each other so much that we often happen to choose or agree to one another, and Maldives was our first choice, and glad we did that trip.

Bags packed, ready to board the flight! After the drill, soon we arrived at Male, Maldive airport. Although, it’s the most popular destination in the world,

don’t pinch your nails yet, just by looking at the small runway, you wait until you get on the speed boat to drive you away to your Hotel.

It’s breathtaking, view from the above and on the surface of the sweet Indian Ocean. I was blown away to see the speed boats, so lavish and comfortable and soon we arrived the Check- in counter at Kurumba Maldives.

I had a smile slapped on my face all through the way and damn, we made the right choice we thought by exchanging the looks to each other.

Far far away, all your eyes could catch was crystal turquoise waters, splashing ways, making the slashing noise that was so sweet to your ears, and white sands touching your feet and making them happy never like before.

We were stoked to be at something so beautiful on the earth.

We both are wedding photographers, and we were on a pretty tight schedule before we made this trip.

So it was perfect for us to just relax, soak the sun on the gorgeous white beaches and take dips in the ocean, whenever we wished.

Damn, it was so blissful, as I am writing I want to go back soon there. The Hotel was just perfect with its amenities and open to sky bath tub.

That’s the life in Maldives.

Things to do in the Resort

Maldives has over 1000 coral islands, leaves you with many options outside too.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything just being in the resort since every resort in the Maldives is own its private island.

Practically, giving you options to swim by the beach alone, the scuba activities, kayaking or just snorkeling all by yourself.

One could get their own snorkels, otherwise, most of the resorts have a department where you can rent these or get them for free.

A Suprise for us!

We were lucky enough to get this, well it was kind of a dream come true for us!

Guess what? As you know now, that we are wedding photographers, we were just walking around and we saw this gorgeous Russian couple who wore their wedding dress and trying to shoot themselves over beautiful Island. We couldn’t stop, but ask if they wanted us to shoot them and they agreed to it.

Such a magical place, I guess it leaves everyone feeling so awesome about themselves or so romantic, as I could vouch for it since my boyfriend then and now husband decided to propose me on the Magical Maldives. Since it was night, I don’t have any pictures, but I have some from the Russian couple and some us.

And, Since it was night, I don’t have any pictures, but I have some from the Russian couple shoot and some us.

I am sure, you already now thinking for something like that, yes its that’s how magical is the place. It’s practically impossible not to be so darn romantic, just like them or us (Haha)

After the romantic night, dawn broke us upon and woke us to this gorgeous beach again, that had its arms wide open and calling us to dive in.

We had the super yum breakfast at one of the restaurants in the resort. Oh yes, since every resort is its own private Island, they offer great variety of cuisines to choose and they are plenty enough that won’t make you bored with just one taste palate.

For a while, we strolled on the beach benches and took turns of dips in the ocean. The experience was enthralling and maybe is the reason why I love.

The Maldives so much and call it as Magical Maldives.

It has that magic in the air for you to calm down, sit and relax and know the worthiness of you in life.

Never look back, keep that positivity in you always and yes, gratitude is the best way to love and live the life!

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