Limos The Sign Of Having Arrived
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Limos The Sign Of Having Arrived

A Markham limo has long been connected with power, luxury, and high life due to its ability to command concentration and to make every trip a luxurious experience.

Government organizations employ limos to ferry top-notch politicians, state guests and officials. Stars make their red carpets entry in limos. Companies employ them to ferry their top directors, and broadcasting firms often employ them to drive their visitors back.

Since Markham limo have become a sign of – having reached, let us understand a little regarding them.

The name limo has been gotten from Limousin – a French location. The inhabitants of this area wore a hood that looked like the profile of the vehicle. It first came to be employed in 18th century. And from then has been the best of the creme de la creme of society.

Markham limo usually come in white and black color but these days you can also get them in a range of colors like magenta, pink, blue and many more. Aside from colors, limo come in different types, designs and sizes.

They are broadly categorized into 5 categories:

Traditional limos: Traditional limos are modeled on the lines of a normal 4 door sedan but they are equipped with extra features such like TV, CD and DVD player, fridge, and a club. Traditional limousines have a larger wheelbase and frame as contrasted to sedan. This enhances the forward-facing commuters to have more legroom.

Stretch limos: Stretch limos are the liked choice for special events such like prom nights, weddings, bachelor parties and a lot more. They can accommodate up to fifteen passengers and are furnished with TV, CD and DVD players, clubs and refrigerator. Chairs are arranged alongside the size of the car which enhances people on board sit face-to-face and talk with each other simply. Usually limos are black in colour but stretch limousines come normally in white color as they are usually used for weddings.

Stage limos: Stage limo is not considered a limo in a real sense. It has the features of both a bus and sedan. One of the vital features of this kind of Markham limo is that commuters can enter through multiple entries. Its roof has large racks for holding the baggage of the commuters. Hummer H2 limos are the latest version of stage limo. Some burial homes employ a stage limo to transport the folks of deceased to the cemetery.

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