Taking a Holiday in the Thai Islands
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Taking a Holiday in the Thai Islands

If you are looking for a true get away vacation that will have you appreciating beauty all over the world, you really should consider the Thai Islands. From the azure waters along the sandy beaches to the many islands dotting the local waters, the Thai Islands do not disappoint.

From local beaches in more traveled destinations cities, you can travel to the out of the way spots that most tourists don’t make the trip to enjoy. If privacy and quiet moments are what you are seeking, this area of the islands is exactly what you crave.

In the Gulf of Thailand, visit Koh Samui, which is referred to as the “island of the coconut tree.” This is ranked as the #3 largest island in Thailand. If you enjoy walking and backpacking, this is an exceptional location to enjoy these very things. You are also close to civilization and there is a nightlife in this area that will give you things to do once the sun goes down.

Diving, snorkeling, kayaking and loads of places to visit await you on your Thai Island holidays. There are even a crocodile farm and a butterfly farm that exist as tourist attractions. Stop by and enjoy the shows that they offer you.

Ko Phangan is the place to party. With a  very active nightlife, this place is famous for it’s fullmoon parties. This is a small town and is famous for it’s inexpensive bungalows right off the beach. While there is a wonderful nightlife in this area, it is also considered to be very remote and offers much peace and quiet as well. This area offers much for a small price and you’ll be enthralled with the ‘new age’ lifestyle that abounds here. This is very welcoming place and you’ll be able to truly relax.

Snorkeling is fun but if you’d like to get PADI certified in scuba, you can also do this while on your vacation. Try the beach at Haad Rin for classes that are fun and affordable. For newly weds, this is a wonderful honeymoon experience.

Whether you are young or old, the Thai Islands offer something for everyone. Kick back and enjoy a beach bungalow with a hammock in the sun, go trekking across the countryside on a backpacking adventure, dance your life away in a night scene or take a dive with certified scuba instructors. It all awaits you in the Thai Islands.

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