3 Perfect Countries for Safari
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3 Perfect Countries for Safari

After countless of reviews and feedback from nature lovers everywhere it has been determined that the three best countries for safari are none other than South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Botswana, Zimbabwe and course South Africa are the top safari spots in this region. There is actually one safari trip that you can combine the three over a 12 day period.

In South Africa Kruger National Park has been named after the rivers running through the land. There are acres upon acres of African wilderness just waiting to be explored, and there are plentiful wildlife. The African Savannah is home to so many species, and this is truly the most memorizing experience that you will ever encounter so up close and personal to nature and its inhabitants.

Experienced trackers will be available so that you will get to spot the most sought after and otherwise elusive creatures that the region has to offer. The landscape and wilderness is a captivating and breathtaking sight to take in. This is a place that digs into your soul and remains there forever.

If you are thinking of Zimbabwe then there is so much awaiting your arrival. There is a waterfall there that is among one of the marvels on this planet. It is beautiful and massive. The feeling you get from being near it is simply unexplainable.  It is located at Victoria Falls.

The Matetsi Conservation Area is another spectacular site. You can safari on the grand Zimbabwe River and take in some amazing sites. The wildlife is plentiful and very diverse.

The Chobe National Park is located in Botswana. There is plenty of game and wildlife to be seen here. You may also want to see the Okavango River on the Kalahari. This is a beautiful addition to any South African Safari.

These beautiful and remote locations will have you feeling one with nature. It will fundamentally touch your soul and give you a new appreciation for the circle of life. These are safe safaris as long as you carefully follow all of the instructions given in the beginning by your tour guide. It is not generally recommended to go it alone, and all you have to do is sit back and observe nature in the purest forms while surveying the animals in their natural habitat.

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